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Little City Arts Consulting

Principal: Cynthia D. McCreery
Contact / E: hello@littlecityarts.ca / Ph: 604.817.6005


Little City Arts Consulting provides administrative, marketing and technical services to art organizations. Click HERE for resume.


YVR Art Program 

(2015 – Present) Administration and Art Handling


YVR Art Foundation 

(2016 – 2018) Administration and Scholarship Recipient Relationships


Skeena Salmon Art Fest 

(2018 and 2019) Organizing artists in the months leading up to the Skeena Salmon Art Show and helping to install the show at the Terrace Art Gallery. 

Check out my interview with the Terrace Standard here:


Lattimer Gallery 

(2015 – 2016) Gallery Sales 

Artists for the Sacred Headwaters Workshop and Art Show  

(2013) Organized an art workshop weekend and fundraiser art show in collaboration with SWCC and Ann Perodeau

Installation of a Private Art Collection

(2010) Here is the client’s feedback:

“Cynthia, I am writing to say thank you for completing the rather large job of hanging our art while we were out of town.  As always your keen eye for detail is a great compliment to your education and good taste.  Our house is now our home, thanks to you!  Your services have been indispensable over the past 5 years and we will call on you again when the need arises.  Once again, thank you for your prompt and professional work.”


Spirit of the River Art Show 

(2009) Curator and Organizer of a fundraiser art show for Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition


Eagle Aerie Gallery 

(2009) Summer position at Roy Henry Vickers art gallery.

In Roy’s own words:

“I first met Cynthia a number of years ago when she was studying art; she came to interview me as an artist. I was impressed with the work she had done to prepare for the interview. Cynthia has worked for my company at Eagle Aerie Gallery in Tofino, B.C. and was appreciated by the gallery manager and staff as a thoughtful, hardworking person with respect for the work place as well as the people. Many years later I’ve come to know Cynthia personally and have appreciated her work ethic and passion for the arts. She is thorough and thoughtful in all the work she does. Cynthia is respected in her community as a hard working person with integrity, strength, and strong will. She is not afraid to speak the truth though it may be confrontational. She has a quiet strength with spiritual values that will continue to make her a valuable asset in the community.”

Leah Pipe – Artist and Designer  

(1999 – Present)

Leah’s feedback on my time with her:

“Cynthia McCreery has worked with me on a variety of projects over the years ~ exhibit installation, project research, text development, sign-making and canvas preparation. I work as an Artist + Designer, so the projects vary from one to the other and yet, each one has strict timelines and creative demands. In 2008, Cynthia was a key component in the installation of a public exhibit installation, called “Button Button” hosted by ‘Ksan Historical Village + Museum. She assisted in many aspects of the project: text research, photo/image collection, data management and the creation + installation of exhibit display elements. I have also contracted her to (hand)paint exterior signs and prepare canvas structures for large fine art paintings.

 Cynthia McCreery remains a top choice for many of my future projects; I always consider her when planning new endeavours because she’s smart, educated, talented, hard-working and reliable. She invests a part of herself into every project and cares immensely for its success and sustainability. She is also a kind person to work with ~ friendly, conscientious and calm in the face of intensely creative, and often, stressful environments. Including Cynthia as part of a project-crew guarantees a well-produced and well-managed outcome.”